Lighting design is reflected in the small details of our life, such as whether the lighting of the study at home can meet normal reading and writing. Whether the bedroom light is conducive to sleep, etc.

1.Specify the purpose of the version

The functions and atmosphere required by the lighting of the office  and the bar are different. The office space pays attention to the bright for environment, faces the computer for a long time, and the color temperature is also biased towards white light; Bars need to create an atmosphere. A very low illumination is OK. Generally, warm light source is used, and the atmosphere is stronger.

Bar light

2.Confirm the right beam angel and Lumens ,Color Temperature

Consider the below picture for light beam angel and how to arrange them in a bar.

Better datas for living room

3.light quality

Please check the below picture .you will send how important the light ray direction for reflecting.

Position for the lights

4.Choose light source

Good light source can last long and make you feel comfortable.

5.The way for lighting

Direct lighting or semi direct lighting, Lighting for whole space or part space

6.How to choose Illuminators 

Illuminators, usually lamps. In the selection of lamps, form  color, efficiency and brightness . Especially in large-scale space design, the lamp modeling in key areas is a unique design.

7.Position for Illuminators

8.Economic and maintenance protection

Consider the lights using life and material . how to maintain and protect it will be very important .

9.The thing you need to condiser for lights design

A really good design not only requires that the environment and space created by lighting are harmonious, but also takes into account the design coordination with other relevant teams and the impact of other equipment, including air conditioning, smoke, sound, etc。