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How to choose a chandelier?

How to choose a chandelier? Looking for some bright ideas on how to choose a chandelier? Consider these tips for selecting a fixture that suits the proportions of your room and the style of your home. How to Pick the Diameter of Your Chandelier When choosing a chandelier for most spaces, one general rule of … Read more

Lumens and the Lighting Facts Label

Lumens and the Lighting Facts Label When you’re shopping for light bulbs, compare lumens to be sure you’re getting the amount of light, or level of brightness, you want. The Lighting Facts Label will help. This label makes it easy to compare bulb brightness, color, life, and estimated operating cost for the year. Buy Lumens, … Read more

How to Find the Right Chandelier Size (and Where to Place It)

How to Find the Right Chandelier Size (and Where to Place It) Follow these easy steps. The first step to buying a chandelier is finding the right chandelier size. However, where you place the chandelier in your home impacts the size. To take the guesswork out of the process, follow our tips for both sizing … Read more

Working with us you will know newest design

Working with us you will know newest design Work with us We work with professionals who imagine, design and shape spaces. These collaborators are at the centre of our business, and we stay in close contact with their day-to-day reality to ensure that our solutions, even when unexpected, fit their needs and ambitions. Through the … Read more

Nine basic properties of LED light source selection

Nine basic properties of LED light source selection With the mass market, as consumers, they should still calmly and scientifically analyze and select the best cost-effective light sources and lamps. The following describes the basic performance of several types:   The brightness is different, and the price is different. The used for lamps and lanterns … Read more

Welcome to know us more !

Welcome to know us more ! Welcome to visit our factory and Spacious and bright warehouse . Enough stock for hot sale big chandelier is the most important reason that we can provide lower price but higher quality and on time delivery . How important it is to have a  most reliable partner for you … Read more

Luminance and shade

Luminance and shade Luminance describes the brightness impression that the human eye has of a luminous or illuminated surface. Luminance L is measured in candela per square metre [cd/m²]. Here, the luminous intensity is placed in relation to the illuminated or luminous surface. To assess the quality of road lighting, the calculation of luminance is … Read more

Necessary knowledge about lights you need to know

Lighting design is reflected in the small details of our life, such as whether the lighting of the study at home can meet normal reading and writing. Whether the bedroom light is conducive to sleep, etc. 1.Specify the purpose of the version The functions and atmosphere required by the lighting of the office  and the … Read more

Talk about lampshade

Today , let’t talk about lampshade With over 10 years of experiences, Yihao choose various kind of lamp shades in house, and we use virgin material for styrene backing and fabrics to keep the product quality consistently. Not just the consistence of the quality, we also want our shades to bring the warm and cozy … Read more