LED lights color temperature

Dear Friends: Today ,let’s talk about LED lights color temperature . Color temperature and brightness Unit: absolute temperature (Kelvin, K) The color temperature is expressed by the absolute temperature K, which is to heat a standard blackbody (such as platinum). When the temperature rises to a certain degree, the color begins to change gradually from … Read more

Necessary knowledge about lights you need to know

Lighting design is reflected in the small details of our life, such as whether the lighting of the study at home can meet normal reading and writing. Whether the bedroom light is conducive to sleep, etc. 1.Specify the purpose of the version The functions and atmosphere required by the lighting of the office  and the … Read more

Talk about lampshade

Today , let’t talk about lampshade With over 10 years of experiences, Yihao choose various kind of lamp shades in house, and we use virgin material for styrene backing and fabrics to keep the product quality consistently. Not just the consistence of the quality, we also want our shades to bring the warm and cozy … Read more